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Title: A Helping Hand
Words: 445
Challenge: [ profile] musemuggers #172 Option 1 -- What's in the basket?
Notes: Original fic that just sprung to life when I read the prompt

Chandra shielded her bundle as best as she could as she moved the crowds. She was already late and she trying not to think of how much trouble she could get into for being out past her curfew. She was hoping that the item she was bringing back would serve to at least get her out of the worst of the punishments that she feared were coming her way for this action. She held tightly to the handle of the basket as she weaved through the countless people crowding onto the main streets. Finally with a curse of frustration, she darted onto a side street and stopped to catch her breath.

"Soon," Chandra whispered to herself. "Soon."

After catching her breath, she started out towards home again, dismayed to see that it was already getting dark. Her family was liable to have a fit when they found out where she had been. After all, the docks and shipyards were no place for a young girl -- especially now during a war time. However, the idea of being able to maybe make her sister smile for the first time in what seemed like forever had galvanized her into what some may have called a foolish mission.

Chandra gave a slight smile when she saw the gate start coming into view.

"Finally," she said softly as she quickened her pace again.

Chandra let herself into the door of the house. Shrugging out of her coat, she took the steps two at a time and raced silently down the hall to the room at the end. She opened the door and peered in. She frowned inwardly when she saw that her older sister, Marisol, was sitting in the exact same position that she had been in for the last several days. Not that she had expected anything different, but she really had hoped that something had changed. She watched her sister staring into the fire for a small moment before moving over to her.

With a slight smile, she upended her basket over her sister and a tiny bundle of gray fur tumbled into Marisol's lap. Her sister looked down at the kitten that was now making mewing sounds.

"I figured the two of you might be able to help each other," she explained softly. "You lost your husband and she lost her mum."

Marisol lifted the kitten up and gently nuzzled her, much to the kitten's delight.

With a relieved nod, Chandra turned and left the room, content that she had done the right thing.

Of course, her mum might think differently when she found out where she had gotten the kitten.


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