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Title: Exposition
Words: 406
Challenge: [ profile] musemuggers #185 Option 1 - Putting life off until tomorrow
Notes: An Non-Fiction exposition piece that wrote itself

There are few things that can cause as many problems as when you put off life until tomorrow. Whether it is a conscious choice or something that just happens without you thinking about it, it doesn't matter. When other things start coming up in front of you that you decide are more important, that is when there is a problem. While it is true that life may still be waiting there for you tomorrow, that is only part of the story. The part of life that is breathing and existing is what will still be there when you come back to it. The people and events of life are the things that may not be there tomorrow when you decide to come back to your life.

Putting life off until tomorrow is a human fallacy, it's true, but some humans go to extremes with it. True, sometimes it is caused by other factors including depression, mania or apathy. That doesn't neccessarily make up for the fact that somewhere along the line, you stopped living. When you stop living, you stagnate and you lose out on so many things. When this happens, you need to take steps to figure out what caused it, and you need to start living again.

The first steps back are not at all easy, but then again, what in life is easy?

You just have to be willing to make those first steps, and realize that you will probably be doing those first steps on your own. After all, there have been casualties while you were stagnating and not living. Those first steps are going to be ahrd as hell and probably pretty lonely and gut-wrenching. However, the more steps you take to put you back on your right path, the less difficult it will be. It will never be easy. Life isn't about being easy. Challenges aren't about being easy.

When you stop living, you might think that is the easiest choice of all. Yet, when you stop living, you start losing. How does that equal out to being easy in any way?

Is it going to hurt when you start crawling back to life? Hell yes, it's going to hurt. It's probably going to hurt deeply.

The choice you have to make is if you'd rather hurt and live, or stagnate and die -- or have everything around you die.

I have to start walking, now.

Are you coming?

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